I’ve got to say, I love winter.

Above that, I love winter clothes. Hygge was meant for me. And, after several months of reading up on the concept of capsule wardrobes (here, here, and here, for just a little inspiration), and two rough 10x10s, I’m jumping right into a full seasonal edit. January 1 to March 20.

I’m technically a few weeks late on Winter (12/20) – but maybe this counts as a New Year’s resolution?

The idea of capsule wardrobe, as I’m taking it, is to trim your wardrobe to 33 pieces for 3 months. This does not include active-wear, loungewear/pjs, or underwear not does it include accessories. 33 is the non-official standard, Project 333, popularized by Be More With Less. Depending on what you’re reading, that number will change but ultimately, you do what works for you. I’m a beginner, so I’m going full-speed easy.


My goals in creating a capsule wardrobe are multi-fold. First, I want to dress well, but I don’t want to stress about having the perfect thing for every day. I’m an occasional wear-it-three-days-in-a-row kind of girl and that’s not likely to change. Second, I don’t want to feel the associated guilt of buying products from major corporations that utilize sweatshops; that guilt later compounded by seeing those brands in your discarded or donation pile. Third, I want to simplify. My closet should not be overflowing or have pieces I haven’t worn in years. I want it to be a truer reflection of my personal style.

That said, my goal with this capsule is to reflect a style that is modern, relaxed and understated.

Looking for words to describe your style? Look no further.


Since this is my first seasonal capsule, there was no set budget. I purchased a few things throughout the holiday season that I’d been looking at from brands like Cuyana and Everlane, that are both US-based ethical clothiers. You pay a little more, but make up for it in quality conditions for workers and quality clothing that won’t fall apart after a few wears. This will be a trial by fire closet experiment.

Before I jump too far in, part of my process is research. Most of the blogs I’ve visited have worksheets and suggestions and Instagram is a fount of hashtags. I looked at several capsules of winters past, and here they are for inspo:

My next biggest resource is the Cladwell App. I adopted it fairly early on and was less than impressed with it’s options – just a year or so later and it’s a huge resource, well worth it’s price (I pay $7ish/mo) while you’re getting more familiar with your closet. With this app, you essentially catalog all of your clothes — OR, just a single capsule. If you give it enough options, it will provide you with multiple options for outfits every day. On top of that, a recent update allows users to upload photos of their exact pieces (versus pieces that look like your clothes) and keeps track not only of how often you’ve worn the piece but how many different outfits combinations it can work with.

Here’s an example from my non-capsule closet. You’ll see a red dot beside the blazer I haven’t worn in several months.


I’m still narrowing down what will be in the winter edit. So far, it’s a fair amount of layers. Since it’s below freezing temps right now, my style is leaning toward more blankets and less blankets, so I’m working on balancing it out so I’ll still have great options when the temperatures are higher.

Fingers crossed, I’ll make this first round work!

Happy weekend!


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