3 Habits of Great Creative Teams

An oldie-but-goodie talk I came across today, thanks to Swiss-Miss.

I’ve been reading Gillian Tett’s The Silo Effect: The Peril of Expertise and the Promise of Breaking Down Barriers as my work-focused read this month – in a maybe un-ending curiosity into how teams, specifically creative teams, work efficiently and effectively without losing the spark that makes them great creative teams.

For the past two decades, Keith Yamashita has worked alongside CEOs and their leadership teams to define — and then attain — greatness for their institutions. He has worked with leaders at Apple, IBM, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, eBay, Nike, and Gap, among others.

Keith founded SYPartners — a firm steeped in the belief that transformation of individuals, teams, and institutions requires equal parts empathy, aspiration, and a bravery to act. The firm fuses systems thinking and creativity to help organizations in times of seismic change: the formulation of a new business strategy, a merger or acquisition, the rise of a new CEO, the return-to-greatness journeys after an industry shock.

0:30 – Greatness and creativity go hand in hand
0:50 – Virtually all acts of greatness are the acts of an ensemble
1:50 – About SYPartners
3:18 – Diversity is important to any great ensemble
4:22 – The SYPartners division that is sharing the firm’s secrets
5:27 – The quote at the entrance of SYPartners
5:53 – “You have to create an environment where people can be their best selves”
6:27 – A soloist’s guide to getting unstuck
8:06 – You have to develop you own unique method of getting unstuck
8:42 – Great teams work hard to cultivate specific habits
9:47 – Great teams know each member’s “superpower”
10:40 – Understand the forces that may prevent you from finding your purpose
12:50 – The 3 Habits of effective teams
13:30 – The ability to see, not look, is important. What lens do you use in a new situation?
14:56 – Finding your superpower
17:23 – Don’t settle for a job that doesn’t make use of your superpower
18:20 – About SYPartners’ superpowers and how they make the firm tick
19:25 – If your superpower is grit, take care of yourself
21:00 – About duos, the smallest atomic unit of trust
22:00 – Respond with love, not fear. That’s where greatness lies
22:57 – Greatness is about being yourself, fully


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