Things My Mom Posts to My Facebook Wall, an abbreviated list

(in no particular order)

  • a reminder about it being Olivia deHavilland’s birthday
  • a list of dog rules (I don’t have a dog)
  • elementary school age photos
  • many, many posts with this line: “Have I told you lately that I love you?” (not accompanied by Rod Stewart video, so clearly she does not)
  • comments like “I miss you” ; “scary” ; and “Are you okay?”
  • ads for Reba’s DeluxStick cosmetics line
  • teases for things she may have purchased for birthday/Christmas
  • motivational quotes
  • a texting while driving YouTube video
  • more motivational quotes
  • updates on whatever Stevie Nicks is doing in the world
  • articles about sisters
  • mini thank you notes for when I visit
  • posts like this “Reminiscing about the day you were born. It was awesome”

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