An Old-Fashioned Thursday #LinkList

(c) 2015 Samantha Storey

Last weekend, it finally felt like Spring in Tennessee, where we typically move from zero to 60 in terms of weather. In the past week, it’s been 30°, 80° and we collectively survived our first tornado warning of the year. It’s also been a distracting couple of weeks for me, so I’m more than happy to spend this morning compiling some of my favorite things.

BOOK // I’m reading Susan Faludi’s Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women. Originally published in 1991, last year Irin Carmon lead a group of feminists in a read/re-read and collected their 2014 chapter-by-chapter reactions at Medium. It’s an excellent companion read. I’m also reading Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant – one of the most anticipated books of the year – it’s fascinating and imaginative, but I can’t get past page 50. What’s going on?

LISTEN // The Chicks Who Script podcast by Maggie Levin, Emily Blake and Lauren Schacher is probably my favorite new thing lately. It’s a screenwriting and film-related podcast focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on women’s voices within the industry. In the most recent ep, they talk Laura Goode, Meera Menon and the world of the microbudget. Check it out here, or on iTunes.

EXPERIENCE // Will keeping a daily, one-sentence journal make you happier? and also, What is the Cost of Faking Your Personality at Work? (both, via NYMag).

MUSIC // It’s been out for a while, but I’ve playing Banks‘ Goddess album constantly. Specifically, Begging for Thread. If you know me, you might hate the song right now, or at least me talking about it, but it’s so good.

FILM // I watched two documentaries recently — both intriguing in completely different ways. The first, Going Clear, is an HBO doc about the Church of Scientology. It’s basically everything you’ve ever heard about Scientology from people formerly involved in the church, plus John Travolta and Tom Cruise. And by “plus” I mean – the doc talks about them, they don’t actually appear. Saturday Night Live parodied the doc last week and it’s pretty fantastic.

The second is called Showrunners: The Art of Running a TV Show. It’s the first doc that focuses in on the showrunner (or, those chiefly responsibly for creating, writing and overseeing every element of the production of a television show) and the creative team around them. Check out the trailer below.


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