Back to the iStory // A Place to Start

Last week, I practically gushed over the evolving quality of videos being shot on iPhones, iPads and other (primarily) Apple products — and I pledged to be on the look-out for the coolest, most innovative stuff out there. Not surprisingly, that stuff is hard to find. As it turns out, innovative is a buzzword a lot of people use, and not a lot of people achieve. What I came across this week are more visually interesting than anything else – great shots, great edits, a mixture of slow motion and hyper lapse, and more importantly, a great place to start.

This piece was created by Tristan Pope Photography, and this is how they’ve described it: When I first heard about the 240 frames per second on the iPhone 6, I knew I had to get it. I make a series of behind the scenes short videos for my Photography. Using just the 60 frames per second, I can capture some amazing moments during the photoshoots I do with dancers from all over NYC. Well the idea that I could slow down some of the beautiful and powerful dance moves I have been shooting, I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity.

And this gorgeous piece, filmed and edited by Andrew Melikov.

This piece was created by , and this is how they’ve described it: “We went on a Kick Ass Road Trip ( to shoot material for several projects. On the road we played around with the Hyperlapse app and shot some weird shit. Back home we realized that we had a ton of great shots and decided to do quick edit using only material shot on our iPhones. Shot handheld, no post-stabilization. Dir. Mikko Antikainen”


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