The weather outside.

This has been the view near my apartment all week. The forecast was several inches of snow; what we got was several inches of ice. Once the ice began to melt, more freezing rain fell, followed by more snow and single digit temperatures. Last night, another round of ice and snow. A rare, but not completely unusual storm in Tennessee.

I worked from home most of the week and almost went insane. Here are some things I learned about myself:

I need coffee. I love tea, but in a desperate situation, nothing compares to the sweet nectar of coffee.

I should probably make an attempt to meet my neighbors. We may need to band together should it truly be the end of the world.

I need a back-up plan if the electricity goes out. Besides enveloping myself in blanket fort and warming my hands around a scented candle, I am screwed.

Buy the milk and bread. I’m not that kind of person!, I said. I don’t regularly drink milk or make sandwiches – I’ll be fine! By Day 3, I was craving a bowl of cereal so badly, I might have trudged through two more inches of ice to get it.

Lifting your windshield wipers up prevents them (theoretically) from becoming solid blocks of ice on your car. Though I saw most of my neighbors doing this, I did not. I suffered.

Everyone finds joy in looking at snow. We must post all our adventures.

Working from home is not for me. I developed a solid schedule of 9pm – 2am and 10am – 12pm but the rest of the day was a Suits marathon with intervals of competitive Trivia Crack.

I have never been so happy to have a large collection of books and magazines. I did not suffer on this end.


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