Hello June.


I accidentally took off the month of May – a series of almost posts, bad internet connections and gorgeous Spring days resulted in absolutely nothing but drafts, loads of new inspiration and a tour of local coffee shops that helped facilitate my becoming somewhat of a tea drinker. (Sidenote: If you have any tea suggestions, please let me know!) I’m prepping several fully-realized posts, introducing some new things and getting right back on track.

So, here are some things we missed:

+ Seventeen People. For fans of now-defunct political drama series The West Wing, the episode “17 people” is arguably (x) the best episode of the series (my personal favorite is “Two Cathedrals” but “17 People” is definitely in my Top 5). It is, however, educational cartoonist Jon White‘s favorite episode, and over the course of a year, he put together an extensive one-page with a breakdown of every plot point that justifies in being the best. I professed love for “Two Cathedrals” but this site has me seriously considering my choice. For those interested in the process – White also posted pictures of his progress on Flickr.

+ Are newsletters the new blog? (x) (x) I’ve been referred to several weekly newsletters in the past few months (Journalists Adam Serwer and Ann Friedman are favorites), and while I’m really enjoying those – I can’t imagine reading more than two, even weekly – ultimately, they’re too easy to delete, right?

+ June lettering! I had to address a load of baby shower invitations last month for a friend and finally opened a new pack of Micron pens my sister gave me for Christmas and immediately jumped right back into my sketchbook to play. Inspired by Sycamore Street Press’ Instagram of hand-lettered quotes, I decided to do something similar in the month of June in an effort to get better, play with pens in different ways and become more consistent in putting creative stuff out into the world. Follow me on Instagram here with the hashtag #essletters.

+ Orphan Black. Are any of you watching this show on BBC America? I binged viewed a couple weeks ago, and now I’m obsessed. The premise is a little silly to explain – it’s about a girl who finds out she’s a clone engineered by an institute that ultimately created them to experiment. That said, it features an incredible actress, Tatiana Maslany (who you probably know from nothing), who plays all of the clones (at least 5 major roles) in incredibly choreographed and cinematic scenes. The show is not only fun to watch, but intriguing from a production standpoint.

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