When I’m scouting for inspiration online, it usually takes a while to find pieces I really love. Today, that wasn’t the case. One after the other, I saw these pieces and was attracted to all four in different, but important ways.

Heschle’s “Removed” really encapsulates the term “short film” – it’s lead actor and voice over artist is a young girl and though there’s little to no dialogue in the film, her voice-acting is incredible. Simon Christen’s “Adrift” is just beautiful. I’ve seen many of these time lapse videos before, but this one really triggered something for me. Isaac Ravishankara’s film was only posted 8 hours before I saw it. I thought it was going to be cheezy, but I loved the concept, loved the acting and dialogue, loved the piece. The Mizuno spot is a straight-up promotional piece, but I have a soft-spot for any work that showcases running in a really personal and cinematic way and this piece did exactly that. Check them out.

HESCHLE’s “Removed” (12:47)

Simon Christen’s “Adrift” (4:34)

Isaac Ravishankara’s “Our Lost Hour” (6:19)

Mizuno’s “A World Transformed” (1:40)


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