Friday Love+List
YES. I’ve been collecting items for a list like this for a while – so with only 2 hours left in my Friday night, it’s about time to let out the love. I post about books frequently, and am almost always in the middle of a few. I’ve been looking forward to 1. Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland all year. The Lowland is the story of two brothers in middle-class Calcutta in the late 1960s – who take different and tragic paths in lives. Booklist says, “Lahiri astutely examines the psychological nuances of conviction, guilt, grief, marriage, and parenthood and delicately but firmly dissects the moral conundrums inherent in violent revolution.” That’s a little verbose, I think, but if it’s anything like Lahiri’s past work – The Interpreter of Maladies (1999), The Namesake (2003), and Unaccustomed Earth (2008) – I’m taking it in, no questions asked.
  • I think I saw 2. Big Spoon Roasters’ Peanut Butter on a celebrity Instagram. Regardless, the picture has been stored in my phone for almost a year and I think about it every other week or so — which, I realize, is strange for … a peanut butter. Locally produced and based out of Durham, North Carolina – Big Spoon Roasters’ has a great story about their evolution and even more products to try out. Not to be outdone, my own e-mail suggested this 3. Coffee Books & Rain t-shirt from LookHuman – Admittedly, my first thought was about the logistics of my email service diving into the content of my emails to suggest an incredibly apt t-shirt for me. And then, I quickly disregarded it because it was so … perfect. I had literally just been describing (as I’ve done here a few times) my anticipation of an upcoming rainy Sunday, of which I could devote a significant amount of time reading The New York Times. Like any number of sites like it, this one has plenty of clever t-shirts – of which, this is still my favorite.
  • It’s starting to get colder in my part of the country, which means the boots are coming out. I found these 4. Chuck Taylor Elsie sneakers online and love the look. It’s definitely my style of casual cool that I try to get away with in the office. The next piece, 5.  West Elm Rustic Storage Coffee Table I found with a friend at West Elm, one of my favorite places to imagine. If you haven’t heard, West Elm is a fantastic (primarily) furniture store that has a self-described “soft spot for natural materials and clean modern lines” – collaborates with international designers, offers green options (when available) and make furniture for both small and big spaces. This coffee table could not have been better suited to my needs — well, as someone who frequently continues to work on my couch, while watching television – one half of the top folds upwards, to make it easier to use your laptop, or eat dinner, and then provides everyday living room storage. Love it.
  • The last this time, is 6. Gravity. It’s been promoted so much the past few months, I didn’t realize until recently that it was just premiering for the first time (to most audiences) today. I’m a long-time fan of Sandra Bullock, so I would probably see anything she’s in — but the trailer, the plot, and the interviews surrounding this movie, directed Alfonso Cuarón – sound amazing. All I know from the incredibly sparse previews, is that an astronaut gets unlatched from her space station and may be floating around in space for the duration of the film. Crazy. I want to see it soon!
  • Happy Friday, everyone!

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