Friday / Love List

I’m off to Costa Rica this week, but I’ve had this love list hanging around for a while and I thought it might be a good time to share. Hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

1. Bon Voyage Journal by Rifle Paper Co. I initially saw this and thought of several friends who might enjoy it, but with a few trips in my future — I finally have a reason to use it too! Rifle always creates really gorgeous looking stationery – I LOVE their cards, but they’ve got an always-expanding range of gorgeous products. 2. Treat Yo Self Print by Paperchat. I’m a fan of the NBC comedy Parks & Recreation and if you’re familiar with the show – you know this is a common phrase and one I sometimes feel my mind is whispering to me as I’m trying to negotiate a purchase.

3. The Bowery (camera bag & insert) by ONA. I was looking recently for a bag to carry work-related things – I don’t like chunky backpacks, I feel ridiculous carrying around a briefcase and I don’t carry enough to warrant a rolly bag of any kind. A camera is occasionally part of my work, and I discovered this bag, and line of bags, that really suit my style and are functional to boot. I’m a big fan of this line.

4. Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I’ve seen this product on travel packing lists for years – as it’s supposed to provide a freshness to your face after say, a long day of travel. “An instant burst of radiance, [stimulating] microcirculation” – that description is a bit hard to follow, for me, since I’ve used, you know, water, to do the same thing. But this is kind of a neat product, namely for what it doesn’t contain, like parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes or fragrances, GMOs, etc.

5. Produce Bags from Williams-Sonoma. I’ve recently started delving into juicing a little bit as way to get additional nutrients outside of regular meals.  The negative side is that it takes quite a few pieces of fruits and vegetables to make a single juice, and so, I’m often found loading up several bags, full of stuff. I love these produce bags, which is the perfect way to separate your juicing materials from regular groceries.


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