It’s my new favorite thing to rush out on Sunday mornings, pick up a copy of the New York Times and spend the next few hours, coffee cup in hand, reading every page. More and more, I’ve been transitioning the way I intake media so that it’s heavily digitally based. I take weirdly modernist pleasure in having multiple electronic devices that all sync up with books and email and things I might be interested in, but I’m afraid I’m falling into the crowd that appreciates the sanctity of a dog-earred page and margin notes–which is strange because I never used to dog-ear pages or make margin notes. Now, I am compelled to do so.  In typing that, I may have just fallen down the rabbit hole of antiquity.

Here are some good reads–new & old–that I’ve been digging into this weekend.

Regarding the impetus of Lee Daniels’ new film The Butler:
A Butler Well Served By This Election by Wil Haygood / Washington Post (originally published 11/08)

The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and Newsweek were all sold this week. This story is about the sale of Newsweek & Tina Brown’s attempt at a revival:
+ The Last Temptation of Tina Brown by Leslie Kaufman & Christine Haughney / NY Times (published 8/13)

US relations w/ Russia seem to be deteriorating. This article by the former Moscow correspondent for the New Yorker and Foreign Policy breaks it down:
+ Obama Bails on His Inevitably Awkward Date with Putin by Julia Ioffe / New Republic (published 8/13)

Writer Jonathan Frazen wants you to read Alice Munro. I do too. This essay was included in his book Farther Away, but it’s online as well:
+ ‘Runaway’: Alice’s Wonderland by Jonathan Frazen / NY Times (originally published 11/04)
– Alice Munro’s short story A Bear Came Over the Mountain 
An interview with Sarah Polley who adapted the story & directed the feature film Away From Her


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