Remember this post about workspaces? I still think people’s workspaces are some of the most interesting & intimate spaces you can view into, especially people who spend a lot of time in a specific area. Flipping open the current edition of Vanity Fair reminded me of their regular column, My Desk, which features well-known people and a closer look into their spaces. These are a few of my favorites:

VF_LorneMichaelsDesk VF_MatthewWeinerDesk VF-AaronSorkinDesk

The Vanity Fair archive is kind of a bummer to search through — though I love these desks, the only featured women were Oprah, Martha Stewart and Liz Smith — all of whom had great desks but were surprisingly typical. The September issue features Carolina Herrera and her rockin’ desk, so I’ll have to follow-up and post a series of women’s workspaces. I love the details you see in each workspace that harken back to the actual work being done in the space (SNL schedules in Michaels’ space) but also to the personal details that make up the person (Sorkin’s cigarette case, Weiner’s anatomy model).

What makes up your workspace?


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