A view from my week/weekend:


The weather in Tennessee this weekend was just on the summer side of fall. Warm days — inching ever so briefly into hot — with periodic cool breezes, followed by arguably perfect mid-70s at night.  I celebrated four birthdays in three days and spent most of that time outdoors. All of that to say, I was not thinking about any of the projects I’ve mentioned in prior posts. No reference videos, no sample scripts, no music research. Three days, no work. And tonight is one of those rare nights when everything is in its place, I’ve made a list of goals for the week, I’m reflecting on fresh inspiration from friends & family and I feel creatively re-charged.

Now Sunday is almost over and here are a few good reads for the day:

+ Barnes and Noble’s Real Problem: In Praise of Chunky Scale by Brad Berens /
+ Nine Inch Nails Is Back Onstage With a Vengeance by Jon Pareles / NY Times
+ How ‘Orange is the New Black’ Humanizes Inmates by Seth Ambramson / Washington Post
+ The Last Days of Big Law by Noam Scheiber / New Republic
+ Beyond Excel: Grid is a Spreadsheet Built for Tablet Life by Mark Wilson / Fast Company
+ Life on Sundays / Tumblr

I finished reading Colum McCann’s TransAtlantic this weekend – it was recently long-listed for the Man Booker Prize (if you are of the type who follows book prizes – which I occasionally do) – and although I suggested it in my previous post about books, I am re-emphasizing that suggestion. I loved it. I didn’t want it to end. It did and everything else I’ll read this week will most likely pale in comparison. Read it.

What do you do to re-charge?


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