You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company” – Diane von Furstenberg. Full disclosure, the image above is from one of my regular blog reads M*Gram (a spin-off of Mark and Graham, an online store w/ lots of gifts & accessories you can uniquely monogram), but it leads me into my favorite places to visit online, an ever-growing list, I hope you’ll help me add to!

I have to admit, I get a lot of my news via Twitter. It’s just an easy place to get a digest updates from your favorite places without being overwhelmed by a massive inbox of newsletters. You can see several of my favorite places to visit on the right (scroll down) — they are mostly creative based &/or design studios. I visit them frequently for great blog posts and great design as well, so if you’re looking for instant inspiration, please visit them. Here are a few other favorites:


0 Bleubird Vintage (Blog) – Nashville-base lifestyle blogger. Posts lovely photographs of her family’s adventures in TN, great columns & style.

0 Cup of Jo – Who doesn’t read this blog? I can’t help it. If you don’t, it’s a lifestyle blog that covers a lot of different topics on a daily (often, several times a day) basis. Everything from motherhood (which I don’t know anything about) to living in small spaces & cocktail recipes (check & check!).

0 Elephantine. Written by Rachel Ball, this blog is one of my favorite favorites. It actually inspired this blog inasmuch as I loved its simplicity, ease of imagery and range of topics. I also like that it’s not crowded with ads. It’s a peaceful place to see her great photography, food tutorials and read her short fiction (every Friday).

0 Imogene & Willie (Blog) – I&W is a local denim store in Nashville. They sell handmade denim and lots of other things – if you’ve read this blog, you know I mention them frequently. Their blog captures the essence of what they do – pure Americana, music and…denim.


0 Brett Warren Photography (Blog) – Brett is a former co-worker and over-all inspiring person & photographer. Check out his blogs to see selections of his inspired photoshoots, great columns about life/freelancing/and everything else.

0 Southern Fried Design Barn (Blog) – SFDB is the brainchild of my current co-worker and graphic designer, Amy Kinslow. Her blog is brand new but filled with her cards/notepads and other products all with a southern twist. Take a look because her designs are some of my favorites.

0 Where Roses Bloom (Blog) – WRB is the collection of vintage finds by my co-worker Rosemary Radford and her friend Bethany Rose. Their blog is filled with their finds, sales (!) and great posts about life & inspiration.

0 Erin’s Food Files – This might be the most delicious blog I read. Erin is also a co-worker (I work with a lot of creative people!) – she’s a Nashville-based food blogger, and a good one at that. She posts recipes (not the complicated kind!) and food photography, and reviews of local places that always has me craving whatever she’s made or eaten.

0 Team G-Shock – This blog is run by my former co-worker & friend, Sara Towne. Her dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009 and she and her husband Nate, started running races to raise money for a cure. I’ve been fortunate to run on behalf of Team G-Shock at a least once race (definitely more in the future) and love hearing about their adventures.


0 House Tweaking – This blog makes me want to flip houses. Maybe just flip apartments. It might also be the blog I suggest most – since a lot of my friends are in the house-buying phase of life. Dana Miller writes this one, and it’s filled with how she’s decorated and/or flipped the various houses her family has lived in. If you regularly search interior design, her house(s) might look familiar. She goes step by step in all of her renovation posts and DIY posts, so it’s super-easy to be inspired on how to refine the look of your own home (on a budget!)


These are more websites than blogs, but they’re still daily reads.

0 Mashable – Another very popular blog/website that highlights technology in pop culture.

0 Fast Company – I started subscribing to Fast Company (magazine) last year, after years of lusting. FC focuses on everything from technology, business, social media and creativity (among other topics) in ways that easy to digest. I always have to take notes on new trends and ideas when I visit.

o Swampland via Time – This is basically a blog that posts articles that Time writers write. No big surprise there. My favorite daily post is the “Morning Must Reads” that detail the big headlines of the day (as of …the morning) including non-Time articles from across the globe.

0 Wonkblog via Washington Post – This is similar to Swampland, in that it has a few main writers (including Ezra Klein and Paul Irwin) who post & repost articles by fellow WP writers and others. They started a book club back in April where all of the writers (and anyone else) read Ira Katznelson’s Fear Itself: The New Deal & the Origins of Our Time in its four parts and then opened a discussion forum about it. It was a great way to read a massive tome (I got the digital version, but the physical copy is something like 900 pages) and have a conversation about it w/ links to arguments.

This is not an exhaustive list, so this post will most likely be amended in the future to add more great spots. I definitely need to include music blogs and guilty pleasures like fashion blogs as they no doubt overwhelm my feed and there are plenty to rifle through. In the meantime, what are your daily reads?



  1. Twenties Collective says:

    I really dig your blog and I have a hunch you might like some of my writing [here’s hoping!] When you have a free moment, check it out for silly, sometimes-intelligent thoughts on everything from Don Draper to creativity to our society’s obsession with thinness. Yeap, all over the place!

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