Gin Wigmore
Full disclosure: I’m ready for warmer weather. More specifically, I want to be able to roll my windows down, turn up the radio and drive around, preferably on my way to someone’s back porch, shaved ice in hand. So, it’s possible I was channeling that mentality this weekend when listening to Gin Wigmore‘s album Gravel & Wine, just released in the US last month. Her songs “Black Sheep” and “Don’t Stop” provide background music for a couple of heavily rotated promos on-air, so that might be why it’s stuck with me through the week. Regardless, I’m a fan.

Her music falls somewhere in the Duffy/Amy Winehouse vein; her voice is raspy but feminine and her last album Holy Smoke was backed up by Ryan Adams’ band The Cardinals. Gravel and Wine has a lot to love – with lyrics like “I got lots of jealous lovers that all wish they had me back / Got a pistol for a mouth, my old mama gave me that” from “Black Sheep” to the throwback sounding “Kill of the Night.” It’s good stuff.

What are you listening to?


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