I love learning about how people work. There are so many different kinds of jobs in the world and no right way to do them or inherent straight path to success or joy. Thus, how I work is an always-evolving method of try-fail-learn-try again. I’m always amazed at how something as simple as sticky tabs helps me keep track of important sections of my day-to-day note-book, how a chair can elevate my work station and how a well-designed inspiration wall puts me in the right mindset for a productive day.

Inc. magazine has a great series called “How I Work” featuring mostly successful entrepreneurs of contemporary brands like TechCrunch, Box and Karmaloop. The pieces shed light not only on how these execs currently work, but of what has been successful for them and how it’s changed their companies. In the piece covering 27-year-old CEO Aaron Levie of Box, he espouses black coffee, an open calendar system and PowerPoint presentations for keeping track of goals. In the piece on Michael Arrington of TechCrunch (admittedly, from 2010) he describes his style as “bust the door down and clean the mess up later” and talks about GoogleVoice, working with multiple computer monitors for and utilizing the enterprise social network Yammer.

The photo above was taken by Melanie Acevedo, whose photography I first came to covet in Domino. In a great article in 1stDibs, she talks about her work ethic, what drew her to photography and some of her favorite and challenging shoots.

What kinds of things change the way you work?


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