Last January, I thought I’d do one of those take-a-picture-a-day things. One of my friends made a 1-second video that she was way more attentive to than I was at my picture taking thing. All of the pictures above are from January 2012. I set up my camera right in front of my couch and tried to take a picture at the same time, every day – before I left for work. As you can tell, that didn’t always work out, either at the same place or the same time. But the result was the photos above (and a few more) that I’ve gone back to many times in the year since.

Some of those days were rough!

At some point, I got it into my head that people didn’t smile enough and how depressing it was that it’s possible to go through an entire day without enjoying a single moment. It just can’t be that way. Maybe that’s too idealistic, but if you’re going to be idealistic, January’s probably a good time for it, right? At the time, I used a website called DailyPhoto (I think) that isn’t around anymore, and though I didn’t interact too much with the site, the times that I did, seeing various users’ daily photos was an interesting and absorbing experience … to say the least.

Have you guys ever done anything like this, or want to?


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