I love Sundays. Historically, it’s the one day of the week we’re not supposed to work, though I often do. Even when I’m not in the office, ongoing projects and the week ahead are always on my mind. Sunday is usually the day when I can sit down with a cup of coffee and read and not be on-the-go in some way. And though some Sundays are spent merely piling up the things I want to do without time left to actually do them, today is not that day. Today, I’ve got it down.

Here are a few things I’m reading. Please share your Sunday reads:

Modern King in the Arab Spring / by Jeffrey Goldberg / The Atlantic

+ My Day at Westboro Baptist: “Yes, Jesus Hates You” / by Jeff Chu / Salon

+ So Open It Hurts: What the Internet Did to Aaron Swartz / by Noam Scheiber / New Republic

+ The Science of ‘The Croods’: How Dreamworks Brings Mathematical Efficiency to the Creative Business of Filmmaking / by Paula Bernstein / Fast Company

+ Ghana Must Go / by Taiye Selasi


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