You probably know by now how fascinated I am by what some artists can do with paper. (If you need a reminder, check out these pieces from Benja Harney and Rob Ryan) Not to be outdone, check out the awesome art made by paper-cutter Béatrice Coron.

Coron is not only a fantastic artist, as you can see by the few works I’ve posted below (please visit her website for more), but she has a great story as well. In fact, what you see a lot in her paper-cuts is a series of stories. Those stories range from various happenings inside a high-rise tenement, to hot air balloons carrying buildings floating over landscapes and entire lifetimes acted out in a constantly spiraling world.
Part of her story, is the time she spent in her 20s and 30s, as a global nomad living in France, Egypt, Mexico, and China before settling in New York in 1984. In these places she was no less than a shepherdess, a truck driver, a cleaning lady, and tour guide among other occupations, and only began paper-cutting when she was 40 years old and decided she needed to begin art.

beatrice coron

Additionally, in 2011 Béatrice gave a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talk, where she dove into her nomadic past and talks about her intriguing and precise art form. It’s a bit of a listen (a little of 18 minutes), but absolutely worth it.

“In life and in papercutting, everything is connected. One story leads to another.”


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