When I’m feeling less-creative, or maybe, less-inspired is the better phrase, I often blame it on my workspace. Because I can usually work just about anywhere — drab cubicle, noisy coffee shop, back porch — my workspace is easily the first thing I start to notice when my attention fades from the project at hand, and onto the drabness, or the screeching of an espresso machine, or the interruptions of my dog wanting me to throw a ball. So, I begin to fantasize about the best possible workspace.

Take a look at these spaces:


Lindsay Jay Designs

Lindsay Jay Designs

Graphic designer, Alaina Kaczmarski

And one of my favorite workspaces ever, Drew Barrymore’s work-space for her company, Flower Films. It was featured in Domino in 2008, and I’ve had it saved since.

Drew Barrymore's digs @ Flower Films

Drew Barrymore’s digs @ Flower Films

Clearly, there are some repetitions in the photos above, that will give you a good idea about what my ideal workspace will most likely include.
+ West Elm Parson’s desk
+ Chevron rug
+ Over-sized inspiration board
+ iMac

Some of my favorite places to check out creative workspaces are:
+ Eva Black Design blog’s “SPACES”
+ Apartment Therapy’s “Workspaces”
+ Pinterest’s ‘Workspaces’

Do you have any MUSTS for your workspace? Where do you go for workspace inspiration?


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