Last week, I described myself to an editor as a “font snob” thinking it would prevent me from cycling through a massive list of fonts for a project in which I could use only one, licensed font. It was a little bit of wishful thinking because we cycled through them anyway. I like to consider a “font snob” anyone who has an opinion about Comic Sans be it good or bad, because it seems like most people don’t give too much thought to the design of lettering.

I don’t have many typographic options in my day-to-day work, but ligatures are the technique I’m drawn toward in any side projects. I can’t help it — I love the inherent energy and precision in which the connections are made. Below are a few I’m digging lately.

Typographic Ligatures

1. Jeff Miller / 2. 55 Hi’s / 3. Zack Davenport / 4. Hilka Riba


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