I’ve been on and off regarding making annual resolutions for a couple of years. Some people say the pressure to make resolutions cause you to set goals too ambitiously–and the pressure of trying to achieve them ruins the goals in a matter of months. Other people say…it’s just goal-making. You can do it at any time of the year, and it’s still effective. So, goal-making is something I’m doing this year. And, as you can see by the 5 goals I’ve listed below (I’m aiming for 10, so this is a good starting point) some of them are ambitious, others are simply things I’m resolving to do more. No pressure.

1. Travel. I did a lot of in-state Tennessee travel this year, a few trips to LA and one to NYC. It’s time to visit the northwest coast and go to places purely for the sake of exploration and getting the hell out of town. (Seattle, WA; Yellowstone, WY; Denver, CO are all possibilities)

2. Take more risks – This is broad, but probably the easiest to keep tabs on.  Risks in the area of writing, creating, directing, producing. Last year, I got a lot more accomplished by just doing things instead of asking or waiting for a prompt. This doesn’t go for everything, but creatively, sometimes you’ve got to do your own thing and hope that people get it.

3. See friends & family. Obviously, I see friends and family all the time. Sometimes though, it’s easier to stick to seeing one group of friends more than others, and the family that’s the nearest versus the family who lives further away. This year, I’d like to change that. Visit more and often.

4. Run 1,000 miles. This might be the only quantitative goal I have this year (well, we’ll see when I set some financial goals). Last year, I set of goal of running 550 miles and ran in the mid-600s, and that included taking the whole month of December off. This year, I’ve got a good base, I run with a good crew, and I’m able to run for fun, so while it’s still pretty ambitious for me…that’s what goals are for, right?

5. Give generously… A repeat goal. I don’t really keep track of who and what I’ve donated to until I start receiving all the junk mail associated with different organizations. This year, in addition to giving what I can afford financially, I want to donate more time and maybe in a bigger way.

So, those are 5 for me. Do you have any resolutions and/or goals?


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