CORALIE BICKFORD-SMITH is the Senior Cover Designer at Penguin UK. I first noticed her work on Penguin Classic’s clothbound releases (see a couple of photos below) – as they showed up periodically at Anthropologie. That series design is really exceptional, and Bickford-Smith’s process to come up with the unique and precise designs is equally inspiring. And though most of the images I’ve displayed below feature an almost signature pattern design, her skills go even further.

“I want these books to be cherished like the literature inside,” says Bickford-Smith of her obsessive attention to detail. “If something is well considered, it will entice. People want to explore it, feel it. That design shines through and connects.” – intv. w/ Fast Company

Check out this interview Bickford-Smith did with 99% a while back discussing her work @ Penguin, how she conceptualizes a projects, multi-tasks and gets inspired.

“I’ve always liked the idea that I’m not one for structure, but in reality I thrive off it.”







  1. DoingDewey says:

    Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve started to become more selective about the books I keep on my shelves and to really appreciate them as things of beauty. I’m glad there are people designing books with the intent to make them beautiful and appealing šŸ™‚

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