Love+List 11/16

The return of the Friday Love List. Hope you guys enjoy! This was a fun list to put together, and hopefully will be even more fun now that the holidays are movin’ on in.

First up, I’m sort of a site-stalker at, I’m always there looking for something. This 1. Waxed Canvas Travel Zip Case reminds me of my childhood a little bit (am I the only one who always wanted these little zip cases?). They’ve put one of their standard Famous Red Notebooks inside, but it also fits a Moleskin notebook, which is one of my mainstays. Love it. For some reason, I completely blanked on Tuesday being the release date of 2. Alice Munro’s new short-story collection Dear Life: Stories. I’ve been waiting for months to read it and now, it’s safely downloaded on my iPad and ready to read.

These 3. James Perse Fleece Pants have been on my wish list since I read an article about Natalie Portman in InStyle talking about how they were part of her “daily uniform.” That’s a pretty heavy endorsement for pants. As it gets colder, comfy/warm pants move higher up on the priority list since my ultimate goal – a cable knit adult onesie, is not quite appropriate for long-term wear.

This last couple is my slow slide into the holidays. I’m a collector of notebooks of various kinds–some get used, some get stacked for later, some are only for decor –because there are so many cool designs and concepts (around notebooks! so crazy) that I can’t help myself. Look at these cute 4. Hand-printed Pug notebooks by Sarah Waterhouse ? For some reason, the people I know who have pugs, really love them. Like, they talk in pug-speak. So, this would probably be a fun, inexpensive gift that they’ll drool over. Lastly, I do a lot of online shopping and if you’re into buying trendy jewelry on the cheap, Shop Ruche is a good stop. I love these 5. Iceland Blossom Earrings and Floating Feathered Jeweled RingThey’re about $10 each, which is a steal. I’m not sure I can actually wear them (allergic to some faux-wear, as it turns out), but it might be worth it if only for a little while.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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