What a crazy week it’s been in the world! Especially in the Northeast, which was struck pretty hard by Hurricane Sandy. I was just in New York a few months ago, and I struggle w/ seeing some very beautiful parts of the city, not to mention so, so many residential areas under water. So, obviously, I’m looking for ways to give back and help out in any way. It’s not as easy to join in (as we did in 2010 with the Nashville flood relief through an amazing organization, Hands on Nashville) because I don’t live in the city. BUT fortunately with all the technology we have today, it’s at least somewhat feasible to give back in a really direct way.

Hopefully, you’re already familiar with 20×200, the great website started by Jen Bekman in 2007 that started w/ two goals “We want everyone to collect art, and we want to enable an economy that allows more artists to make a living by making work.” It was a pretty lofty goal, but they’ve been able to sell a lot of really fantastic art; they’ve partnered w/ West Elm for projects and have released “more than 400 editions by over 200 artists-emerging, established and legendary.” All in all, pretty cool place. Even cooler, is the the prints they’re selling (see below) that will directly benefit hurricane relief. Please note, as awesome as they prints are, the money generated by their sale will only be donated to the Red Cross THROUGH MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5.

100% of the proceeds from this print, Blue Marble

And 50% of the proceeds from this print, We’re So Good Together, by Dylan Fareed, will all be donated to the American Red Cross.

There are plenty of other organizations to give to (if you’re able), the Red Cross is all over the place, you can donate via text message, through iTunes, online,, anywhere. If you were affected by the storm, please know we are thinking about and trying our best to help out.


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