Yesterday, just after I published the post about looking for inspiration, I came across these guys. You know that feeling you get when you’ve seen something that blows your mind? The uenasy spreading in your stomach; the new lightness your arms; the sense you’re halfway into the thing? That’s how I felt when I watched these videos from the guys at Astray Films. Anybody can own a camera and shoot landscapes of pretty places–but these guys take film making to a totally different level. There are so many elements to these pieces that caught my eyes, my breath and made me want to get a ticket to the Irish coast as quickly as possible and immerse myself in their adventure shooting. They describe themselves as “Instinct led, authentic to the teeth” and so far, they seem to embody just that.

I’ve only included the three videos that appear on their Astray Vimeo page. But if you search individually, you’ll find so many more of their great projects.

Mickey Smith –
Allan Wilson –
Alastair Sopp –


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