weekend inspiration

I have to admit, I love fall. It might be my favorite season. I like the way the word autumn looks on a page, the way it invokes the colors of a transitioning forest, leaf piles in front yards, bonfires, hot chocolate, etc. After a weird week at my real job, I really want to use the fall-yes, use it, to sort of open my eyes to everything that’s out there in the world, everything I’m usually driving by, or running by, or otherwise not noticing. Isn’t it frustrating when you find cool/inspiring/motivating things that have been around you all the time? It is what it is, and my take is that we’ll see it all when we’re ready to see it.

Blue bear; Postcards from Paris; Love Does by Bob Goff; Double exposed photo (This doesn’t look like the right source, I’ll update if I find another)


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