Love+List 10/5/2012

Sometimes on this blog, it feels like it’s always Friday. I’m always looking at a little collage of cool things, and it’s easy to put together because there is no end to cool things. But know that these are merely things I think are cool, and think you might like too. I don’t own all of them, and I certainly wouldn’t do well to truly own several sets of coasters no matter how wonderful I think they are. A lot of this stuff is a collaboration between art and practicality, so, I hope you enjoy! On to the list…

1. Notebooks from Kate’s Paperie. I’m a serial notebook collector. I admit it, but I can’t help it. I use bound notebooks like these all the time, at work, on shoots, to write in–they’re multipurposeful and if you use them, they can clutter up really fast. Fortunately, these are bright (so you won’t lose them) and look the part when you’re finished and they’re stacked up on a bookshelf. 2. Rob Ryan Coffee Mug! Ok, I added this mug because it’s my favorite, but I can’t find it to purchase, so I’ve linked to a similar mug. I know it can feel less unique when your favorite artists slap designs on products for the masses but these mugs are awesome.

3. Canvas Overnight bag from J. Crew.  I like to use my weekends…as weekends. Even if I’m working, there’s something about Friday afternoons that feels…free. When I have the whole weekend to use, I try to get out of town, even if only for a day, and while I’ll realistically pack enough for a full suitcase, I like to imagine I could cram a day’s worth of needs into this bag. J.Crew describes this as “perfect for traveling to adventures far and near” and I love that idea. 4. iPhone covers from Christine Marie B. It’s absolutely necessary for me to have a case for my iPhone; I drop it way more than anyone should an use it all the time. While I’ve been rocking the classic black snap-on case for a few years, I really love the bright colors and simple designs in Christine’s collection. Bonus – she sells these for all sizes of iPhone!

5. Luke Skywalker t-shirt from JukuPop. I love Star Wars. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit more of a Han Solo fan, but I really love t-shirts like this in the fall. But hey, this is not a fashion blog. 6. Bordeaux Wine Tote. This is another one of those items that has been on my want list for years. Not just this version, they’ve also got bags that say Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Manhattan, etc. I always think it would be a great host/hostess gift. With wine, of course.


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