Friday Love+List / 9/27/2012

Here we go again!

To be honest, since I’ve been out of school for about 6 years now, the prospect of my carrying a backpack is slim. And even though those mini-backpacks from the mid-90s are coming back, that’s a style I’ll leave to my childhood.  However, as I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for anything with polka dots and this 1. Carrot Polka Dot Backpack is a pretty easy way to carry around material for work (laptop, camera, etc.) and not look like a student. Well, I hope I don’t look like a student. 2. Mumford & Sons, new album Babel. I’ve been a fan of these guys for a couple of years and love them.  They’re a blend of the Americana/alt.rock scene, with heavy emphasis on banjo and upright bass, which sounds wonderful to me. This album just came out on Tuesday, and I’ve been jamming to it ever since. Also, they recently paired up with another of my favorite artists, Emmylou Harris for an episode of CMT Crossroads. It’s fantastic. Here’s the promo I did for the show.

I know I mentioned coasters in last week’s love list, but are you kidding me with these?

3. Maritime Coasters from Izola are really cool, and definitely something that might end up missing. I’m a big fan of maritime imagery, and I love how simplistic these designs are with classic symbols–anchor, skull, boat, etc.– and not complicated by design. 4. Notebooks from Wit & Whistle. I’m having trouble not saying “I’m a big fan” of each of these things, but that’s why they all made the list! I love them. These little notebooks from Wit & Whistle are right up there. Amanda Wright designs these really cool materials–they also make cards, stamps, prints, etc. that I’ve been digging and buying for a while.

5. Jessica Hische and 6. Louise Fili are two of my favorite letters/designers, etc. and I know I’ve been gushing about it a little too much, but I can’t help it, look at these designs! I can just about spot a Jessica Hische design a mile away and when I’m surprised (as in Dave Eggers’ recent work A Hologram for the King), I really shouldn’t be, she’s that good. Her website is a great resource as well, much better than any Google Image search. I featured Louise Fili’s book Script yesterday, but this is her most recent one, Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili, which focuses more on her work. I need this on  my coffee table now.


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