Let’s talk about Louise Fili. I’ve always been a huge fan of typography and lettering, which I’ve previously talked about, but…how can you look at the cover of her book Scripts: Elegant Lettering From Design’s Golden Age (co-authored/curated by Steven Heller) and not immediately want to see more? I’m just beginning to open the can of worms that is my new obsession with Fili’s work, so brace yourselves. This particular collection has over 300 examples of lettering/script from the 19th to mid-20th century–from advertising, street signs, vintage wedding invitations, etc.

I have a whole post coming up on Fili’s individual work as a designer, but Scripts is a great example of finding inspiration all around you. I will say, if you don’t know much about Fili, she specializes in graphic design for food specifically–restaurant identities and food packaging, so I wouldn’t look too hard at her work on an empty stomach.

Are you familiar with Louise Fili?

Image Sources: Louise Fili LTD and


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