I know you guys are probably sick of these collage posts, but it’s such a fun/easy way to organize ideas! Don’t worry, I will definitely scale back. Everyone loves Fridays, myself included. Even if you have to work on the weekend, there’s something about Friday that you can’t deny. I’m not generally going to try to sell you on material things – after all, I create things. But if you want to see a few things up the creative alley, and/or don’t know what to do with your weekend, take a look at these things:

1. The Avett Brothers’ The Carpenter: I’ve been waiting for this album for months. The North Carolina-based folk/rock band (multi-genreational?) has put out several of my favorite albums in the past few years including I and Love and You and Emotionalism. Good guys, good music. It’s a win-win. 2. The Hold Me Bag. I have to tell you, I originally thought this tote bag was great because it’s the name of a Fleetwood Mag song. That’s good, simplistic merchandise right there. As it turns out, it has nothing to do with the band, and just a piece of the really cool offerings at Alphabet Bags. Yes, they have bags with letters on them, but we’re not talking monograms.

3. Junot Diaz – This Is How You Lose Her. I mentioned Diaz in the Fall Book Preview a week ago, but his new novel is officially out and officially ON my iPad. His previous novel The Brief Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao, and short story collection Drown, are among my all-time favorites. Diaz is just a wonderful writer with a slew of layered characters and storylines. I never want his stories to end. 4. Polka-dot pants. It’s a fashion trend, I know. But its way more wearable and fun (in my opinion) than animal prints. Pictured here are a pair from Anthropologie, but I’ve seen many including this one from Paige Denim and this one from Free People. PLUS, there are many DIYs out there that I want to try. Here, for instance. If you’re a guy, this probably doesn’t appeal to you and this is not a fashion blog so…I’m sorry.

5. Fashion-ABLE scarves. So, this is a unisex pick. Everyone can wear scarves in the fall/winter and it just so happens, we are on the brink of a season change. In addition to being cool scarves, they’re also produced by a non-profit which means that you’re helping to create jobs and sustainable business in Africa for women, so they’re dependent on charity, but a part of a developing economy. (I definitely plagiarized  this last part, so it’s right). 6. Coasters. Am I the only one who has a totally unintentional collection of coasters? Sadly, I don’t even really use them, but they’re great gifts. Now these, I would actually use because I’m a sucker for typography and numbers (read: dork) and want them everywhere. These coasters from Quirk Gallery (and designed by Red Bird Ink) have been on my Want list for over a year. Because I want them. But I also might give them away, but I’d sure like to be setting a hot chocolate on them this weekend.


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