Anthony Burrill – Simple, Effective Art.

I’m a big fan of English artist Anthony Burrill. Not simply his somewhat simplistic work below (I’m using ‘simple’ here in it’s obvious terms. These are, slogans on plain backgrounds) – but also the videos that accompany that accompany his art – I suggest you check out, on his website. Arguably, his most popular work is the first one below: Work Hard & Be Nice to People, which has become a mantra in some design communities.

Burrill describes his work like this – “Words are very immediate; people respond instantly to a piece of text. Everybody is looking for clues about how to live and how to be happy. I try to send out positive, genuine messages that I’ve learnt from my experiences so far.” (source) It’s so easy to complicate great ideas, but Burrill does a great job at letting the great speak for itself.

Anthony Burrill - Simple, Effective Art.

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